“Digital Entrepreneurship To Lead Next Wave Of Industry Growth” Wajid Mirza At WEF 2020

Davos, Switzerland, 27th January 2020: Wajid Mirza, Managing Partner Arthur Lawrence was one of the international business leaders invited to attend the World Economic Forum last week. 

As a participant in the conference that brings together the world’s highest political, industry and social leadership, Wajid Mirza discussed how the management and technology consulting industry, and the global ecosystem it operates in—are both ready for the next wave of change. Much of this change will originate in Pakistan, and with businesses who maintain their investment focus in Pakistan.

In recent years, global demand for Pakistani talent has seen a rise, as evidenced in the growth of BPO services in Pakistan, and the Pakistan Shared Services Forum (PSSF).  Arthur Lawrence, a PSSF pioneer, has been at the center of the skill-technology exchange between Pakistani talent and its global market. In nearly seventeen years, Arthur Lawrence has successfully bridged the gap between technology services, shared service demand and output, by enabling clients to enjoy efficient functional extensions via offshore delivery centers. As the WEF 2020 discourse focused on the intersection between digital skills and the talent economy, Arthur Lawrence’s work provided important groundwork on the road ahead.

For Arthur Lawrence, the most important Global Delivery Center is in Pakistan, which serves clients with requirements in F&A Operations, healthcare, technology enablement and auxiliary services. Now celebrating its tenth year, Arthur Lawrence Pakistan has been at the forefront of increasing local capacity, especially with respect to diversity and gender empowerment within Pakistan’s technology sector. Ilyas Baig, CEO of Arthur Lawrence Pakistan, has been active in sponsoring technology vocational education, initiating programs for industry-academia collaboration and creating employment opportunities for youth and experienced professionals alike. Arthur Lawrence received global recognition for its contribution in exporting shared services via the IAOP 100 Award in 2017.

Arthur Lawrence is now ready to grow the momentum of Pakistan’s services export manifold with PakTal.


Wajid Mirza shared his experiences with other delegates at the World Economic Forum 2020 in bridging the structural gaps between technology delivery, entrepreneurial capabilities and the global shift from standalone enterprise and the wider entrepreneurial ecosystem created by aggressive digital interventions. His success in reversing the talent-and-capital gap by creating skilled-centered ecosystems across the world via technology talent acquisition, operations consulting and other services at the core of Arthur Lawrence were recognized and appreciated by attendees at the WEF 2020.


Arthur Lawrence is a management and technology consulting company. Since 2003, Arthur Lawrence has been serving Fortune 500 and Global 2000 clients with solutions centered on business transformation, technology enablement, ERP implementation and business process outsourcing.

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