Bold And Vibrant: Arthur Lawrence Gets a Brand Refresh

17th Oct 2021, Pearland, Texas: Preserving its previous panache while balancing it with a contemporary and contextually relevant outlook, Arthur Lawrence reinforces its positioning as an organization that lives and breathes ‘exceptional’.

“This brand refresh ensures that Arthur Lawrence, whilst progressing and adapting, sticks to its roots – the belief system that defines us and how we approach our work and interactions with our employees, clients and partners. We call this the Arthur Lawrence Way”, says Wajid Mirza, Managing Partner at Arthur Lawrence.

“It [the Arthur Lawrence Way] is a unique framework that encompasses the culture, philosophy and the operating model of the organization and flaunts the idea of achieving and delivering ‘exceptional’”, he adds.

Undertaking this brand repositioning exercise is a mindful decision for Arthur Lawrence to ensure that some of the important strategic changes that have taken place in the last decade are clearly translated into our brand and the way we desire to be known.

Marking its biggest brand relaunch in over 18 years, the talent, technology and business management consulting firm has incorporated just the right alterations in its logo to exemplify its transformation journey. At the heart of the refreshed identity is a new tagline; exceptional. repeat., that underlines its commitment towards delivering excellence over and over again. The addition of a more vibrant color palette to represent its three key service offerings is perhaps the most significant change as it is reflective of the new identity: inclusive, bold and vibrant.

“Colors play a significant role in our new brand identity because we have incorporated symbolism in our storytelling”, says Shairose Ukanji, Head of Corporate Communication at Arthur Lawrence.

“We are calling this enigmatic rebranding process AL 2.0, and we see it as the future of Arthur Lawrence – one that celebrates the past and embraces the future”, she adds.

Arthur Lawrence’s new look goes beyond its visual identity.

Speaking at the brand relaunch event, Ilyas Baig, the newly appointed Chairman of the Board at Arthur Lawrence and former Managing Partner, said: “Arthur Lawrence believes in creating and maintaining a rewarding and thriving culture for its employees throughout their journey with us. We invest in our employees and equip them with the resources and skillsets that help them in realizing their professional and personal dreams. We are there to serve as their ‘Mentors’ and ‘Collaborators’.

This relaunch will enable us to build on our employee engagement initiatives as well as help them consolidate their wins, enhance their leadership potentials and create a winning track that delivers ‘Exceptional’.”

The brand’s Purpose – ‘improving lives by creating exceptional value’ [for all employees, contractors, clients, partners, and communities it operates in] – unites the organization internally and externally, broadens its reach and offers its people and partners a common anchor in conveying the brand truth to the audience.

About Arthur Lawrence:

Arthur Lawrence is a talent, technology and management consulting firm. Since 2003, Arthur Lawrence has been serving Fortune 500 and Global 2000 clients with solutions centered on talent acquisition, business transformation, technology enablement, ERP implementation, and business process management.