Legal Process Outsourcing
Augmenting legal capabilities
Transformative processes to empower and augment your legal capacity.
The right legal talent, knowledge and process expertise come together with the Arthur Lawrence Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) Service Suite. Offering specialized, focused services in compliance, contract lifecycle management, document management, legal technology consulting and other services that empower clients’ legal function with analytics, research and technology-centered processes, Arthur Lawrence’s LPO function promises strategic inflows via cost arbitrage, efficiency and lean processes. This is legal process outsourcing in its most intelligent form.

We evaluate the current challenges facing the corporate legal departments of an organization across their people, process and technology and provide viable solutions that meet the business’ needs.

A corporate legal process outsourcing solution adapts to the changing service delivery needs for each organization. We help our clients develop a flexible, scalable and efficient delivery model to enhance the value of the enterprise and simultaneously cutting costs for growth.

Legal process outsourcing service suite


We secure client interests across a wide spectrum of regulatory issues with our risk management framework.

Contract management

Our Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) solution protects clients from the risk, time, and of drafting and monitoring contracts from scratch.

Document management

Transact swiftly and securely. We offer a secure, comprehensive system for document management designed for transparency and fortified workflows.

Legal Operations optimization

Engage our legal advisory services to manage process design, benchmarking and roadmap setting to optimize internal processes.

Legal talent sourcing

Building on a database of two decades’ of recruitment analytics, we ensure a strong pipeline of legal talent for your legal team.

Legal technology consulting

Our LPO services facilitate clients with advisory services on areas such as blockchain, cryptocurrency, new cyberlaws, carbon stocks, M&As and more.

Powered by technology
Depend on digitization for all the right reasons. We deploy intelligent dashboards that enhance the negotiation and decision-making capacity of your legal team. Our data visualization tools also support collaboration between stakeholders, improve transaction time, and measurably reduce delays and error rates.
Centered on security
Experience the benefits of our LPO Services’ robust cybersecurity infrastructure. Workflows ensure client visibility across each process, while an experienced, certified cybersecurity team monitors deployment of cybersecurity tools and proactively undertakes all measures to safeguard data and systems.
Comprehensive offering
From contract management and legal sourcing to strategic aspects such as rebuilding the legal function of your team, we have the expertise and the capabilities to help you get more performance out of your business, while ensuring full compliance with applicable regulation and governance.

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