Arthur Lawrence Launches XPERTI, An Elite Community Of Technology Professionals

Houston, Texas: Responding to an ever-growing demand for specialized technical skills, Arthur Lawrence launched a product designed exclusively towards identifying, testing and validating top technology talent.



XPERTI is the digital complement to traditional recruiting. The product uses an algo-based approach in closing the gap between job seekers and firms seeking to hire them. The product works by comparing details of selected candidates against the job role defined by a client. Once a profile matches the job description (JD), each candidate is assessed via a rigorous recruiting mechanism that takes into account the candidate’s technical, behavioral and functional suitability for the job.

Two features make XPERTI different: One, it relies on a digitized process geared towards automating candidate selection and validation. It uses a thorough testing mechanism that builds on the behavioral data of thousands of similar job applicants, to identify and highlight potentially fraudulent applications, incomplete or misleading candidate data and other recruitment red flags. This works well for hiring firms as it cuts down significantly on the time, effort and risk associated with taking a new candidate on board a project.

Second—that it is not an online marketplace. The recruitment process ensures that only a very exclusive community of elite technology professionals is part of the XPERTI talent pool. Product designers in the XPERTI team believe that it is these technology specialists—certified technical consultants, highly-experienced Java professionals and even platform agnostic developers with the right skillset–who stand to gain significantly from the solution. “XPERTI responds to active and passive jobseekers, which means that consultants on 6-month and 12-month projects can use the solution to ensure a seamless transition from one project to the next. It gives them freedom to apply for jobs they actually want, not just the jobs they need.”