Arthur Lawrence Celebrates Global Ethics Day 2019

As a consulting firm that offers solutions built on the intersection of management and technology, Arthur Lawrence frequently finds business ethics at the center of its internal discourse.

“From our own growth, to the growth we enable for our clients, Arthur Lawrence has always acknowledged that people are at the heart of everything we do”, said Wajid Mirza, Managing Partner Arthur Lawrence. “This simplifies our approach to business ethics. With a human being at the center of all decisions, it’s possible to ensure transparency and to clarify our priorities as corporate citizens.”

Corporate citizenship at Arthur Lawrence is reflected in a combination of compliance measures, operational innovations and proactive business practices.

In the past, it has successfully achieved the fine balance between industry leadership and corporate stewardship, of which the latter is, in fact, one of Arthur Lawrence’s Seven Pillars, or core values. One such balance involved the debate around automation and human-aided ERP solution implementation in its financial services, in which Arthur Lawrence achieved client (and human) success by unlocking solution capabilities.

In its talent acquisition services, Arthur Lawrence employs technology-enriched solutions to detect fraudulent applications, achieve enhanced project-skill match and make the talent management process more efficient and transparent in general.

Leadership forecasts that with renewed focus and investment in its digital solutions, Arthur Lawrence will serve new clients in disenfranchised communities across the world.

“Since the day it was founded, Arthur Lawrence has had a ‘beyond the balance sheet’ approach towards doing the right thing. I can proudly say that our definition of CSR or even sustainability has always been ahead of its time, simply because we have prioritized people over profits from day one.”