New Analytics Solution Offers Preventive Wellness Breakthrough

21st June 2019, San Antonio, Texas: Arthur Lawrence launched Health Grades Analytics (HGA), an advanced wellness screening product, for primary care clinics here on Friday.

The need for an analytics-based healthcare product has long been observed, as patients increasingly reflect symptoms of childhood obesity, early-onset heart disease, pulmonary, ocular ailments and a range of other related illnesses.

Health Grades Analytics’ advanced screening solution makes timely identification and diagnosis of at-risk cases possible. Even for patients not immediately at risk, the product is a way towards improved quality of life, planned interventions for hereditary malaise and other lifestyle adaptations meant to minimize invasive, expensive healthcare procedures and increase longevity.

Clinics in Texas have responded well to Health Grades Analytics. Holistic patient profiles, and longitudinal medical history have long been identified in the medical community as the best way to ensure streamlined treatment. HGA’s advanced screening program, paired with the visual compilation of several medical reports facilitates healthcare practitioners and associated intermediaries alike.

Commenting on the launch, Wajid A Mirza, Managing Partner Arthur Lawrence said, “Even in this initial release, Health Grades Analytics is making an important contribution to healthcare of the future. With a robust database, a growing repository of clinical analytics, and an expanding practice, it will reduce the uncertainty associated with later-stage diagnostics.”

Imran Mirza, Director Precision Hub, (Arthur Lawrence’s dedicated healthcare vertical responsible for launching HGA) described the community’s response. “Everyone has been very receptive to the product. We’re very happy that patients are aware of the role advanced screening plays in the quality of their health. Our partner clinics report that most patients are eager to get their families onboard our preventive wellness program as quickly as possible. In a short time, we have seen tremendous interest build up around our advanced screening product.”


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