Digital Transformation

Although no organization will contest the importance of future proofing itself, few know what it takes to really make the leap from one generation of technology adaptation to another. Arthur Lawrence’s digital transformation portfolio encases the complete solution organizations of every size need to make this transition.

Technology Enablement

System migration can be a risky proposition: Data loss, threats to integrity, infrastructural challenges and low cultural LEARNiness are just some of the issues companies face while making the leap. With Arthur Lawrence’s solution architecture, clients have a secure, seamless and efficient passage to migrate to the next generation of enhanced performance.

Financial Performance

Innovation doesn’t have to hurt the bottom line, but it often does. At Arthur Lawrence, we understand the financial concerns that make organizations resist innovative practices. So we extend our industry expertise, design leaner processes and work in quantifiably lowering the cost of intrapreneurship. Our consulting services ensure innovation pays for itself in your organization.



ERP/Cloud Based Solutions

Sophisticated technology infrastructure solutions that cover needs assessment to post-deployment technical support.

Development and Integration

Supplement your digital real estate with custom apps and integration solutions.

Business Transformation

Apply design thinking to reevaluate process objectives and gain better value from your business structures and resources.

Case studies

Year after year, Arthur Lawrence is recognized worldwide not only for business performance but also for inclusion and diversity.

case study img
Background checks and the recruiter’s dilemma.

Profile vetting is a critical part of human capital management. Then why are so many candidate gaps only discovered when it’s too late?

case study img
Choosing the right performance management tool.

With automation making a permanent move into the workplace, is performance management still relevant?


Media Highlights

Every company that succeeds has at its center a set of standards, of core beliefs and a vision. We rely on the seven core values that we believe enable us to deliver quality for our customers. Through strict adherence to these core values we have achieved success beyond all documented forecasts and anticipation.

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Arthur Lawrence Celebrates Global Ethics Day 2019

As a consulting firm that offers solutions built on the intersection of management and technology, Arthur Lawrence frequently finds business ethics at the center of its internal discourse.

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Arthur Lawrence Wins Entrepreneur 360 Award 2019

In recognition for its robust structures, sound business practices and future-focused approach, Entrepreneur Magazine awarded Arthur Lawrence the Entrepreneur 360 Award 2019


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