Top Tech Recruitment Solutions To Know About

There has been a massive shift in the socio-political ecosystem, and it has impacted the way businesses operate as well. The emerging business landscape comprises more startups and tech ventures despite the dynamic economic crisis. However, this has resulted in a greater demand for tech recruits across all organizations, and talent acquisition officials struggle to find the right fit for technical roles.

Talent acquisition heads and hiring managers need to team up to find innovative recruitment solutions to address the gap because the competition to find the perfect candidate is getting tougher. Finding the right technology recruitment solutions to nurture and retain clients takes a little more than just selecting the tools.

It’s easy for recruiters to get overwhelmed with the sheer number of technological solutions available at their disposal. We’re here to make it a little bit easier for you.

Here’s our pick of the top tech recruitment solutions you should know about in 2021.

Using data-driven solutions for recruitment

As a tech or IT company, you are already aware of the significance of data in optimizing processes. Recruiting benefits just as much from data-driven solutions and premium hiring software that give you insights into where to find suitable candidates and what they’re looking for.

It also lets you take a deeper look into the job boards, social platforms, and search engines which send the highest number of candidates. You get access to key hiring metrics for example qualifications and resignation history amongst other things.

It also lets you filter which candidates are better in terms of experience and skill. One of the benefits of using this software is that it tells you how deep into the hiring process each candidate progresses.

Artificial intelligence as a recruitment solution  

In this digital age, recruiters are jumping on the bandwagon to use artificial intelligence as a tool for recruiting candidates across the globe. Leveraging AI-powered solutions saves time for talent experts and they don’t have to get caught up in repetitive tasks such as searching for candidates.

These recruitment management systems screen resumes and candidate history and AI chatbots take care of follow-up queries to gather more information. It also filters candidates who prefer remote work and selects candidates who are willing to relocate. This creates a target audience for recruiters and saves them the time to browse through thousands of profiles.

Social Media is the key technology for recruiting solutions.

Tap into social media because it’s no longer just a tool for connecting people and keeping up with everyone. Organizations far and wide are using it to create engagement and awareness among prospective new hiring and others. It’s also a great tool for promoting the company as a brand and putting yourself out there to create interest and intrigue amongst your target audience.  

It also makes it easier for recruiters because they have access to a larger pool of candidates and allows them to poach the right profiles and scour through the top talent easily.

Technology solutions to improve the candidate experience.

Companies across the globe are paying more attention to improving the candidate experience during the recruitment process. Tech jobs are hard to fulfill and as a recruiter, you must ensure that the entire process is smooth and prompt, so you don’t lose out the candidate to a competitor or discourage them by making it inconvenient for them.

However, before you set out to improve the candidate experience, you need to identify which areas require improvement in the first place. Invest in the right recruitment marketing software to get high-quality HR analytics that highlight which aspect of the candidate experience is worth changing or improving.

Why does this matter?

A poor candidate experience reflects negatively on your brand and can end up costing your business money. It makes it even more difficult for a company to find talent in the future because those that don’t have a good time discourage others from applying. 

How can you use technology to address these issues?

Some of the most important factors that impact a candidate experience include:

1. Whether the application process is too complicated/lengthy. Responding to the candidate’s query on time and reducing the time between the screening process and scheduling the interviews.

2. A pleasant and professional interview with thoughtful and relevant questions. Approaching your candidates through the right means.

3. You have to be mindful about communicating clearly at every step to let your candidates know where they stand.

The first issue can be easily resolved by optimizing the careers part of your website. Some important changes to keep in mind include removing the “create account” option so that candidates do not have to go through a hassle just to apply.

Recently, more companies are opting for video interviews because they allow prospective job seekers to interview from the comfort of their homes.

You can give applicants the option to either apply by simply submitting their resume or even through their social profiles.  Use automated resume parsing to sift and sort through application forms that are too lengthy.

The third issue can be simply addressed by using an applicant tracking system so that it automates any of the repetitive tasks such as sending out emails to notify which candidates have made it and which ones have not. You can even use CRM, especially for recruiters to send personalized email messages to candidates and one that is more in line with your brand values.

What are the benefits of using recruitment technology?

1. Recruitment is a competitive affair and for you to get the best candidate at the right time, you have to use technology recruitment solutions. Other than giving you the competitive edge, it has the following advantages:

2. It boosts productivity for recruiters because not only does the technology take care of the menial tasks, but it also lets you work from anywhere. Cloud technology also makes all the information accessible for you whenever you need it.

3. It broadens your social reach significantly allowing you to access a larger pool of candidates and speeding up the process by skipping several of the repetitive tasks. It also makes it easier to vet the candidates beforehand.

4. Communication is key in recruitment, not just with prospective future employees but internally as well. Recruitment software equips you with the tools you need to send out responses on time and make sure you are available and always ready to address any queries or concerns.

5. It lets you collect data on the candidates which is effective for analyzing your recruitment process and improving it constantly so it is relevant and user-friendly. It also identifies the most useful information, so you don’t have to waste time trying to look for it and compile it in one place.

6. Automating the entire process is generally more beneficial for your company because it leaves you with more space to dedicate your time to the tasks that interest you.

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Outsourcing recruitment services: the ultimate solution

Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) helps you navigate the complex hiring environment today and ensures you get the top talent in any industry. Companies that provide RPO services are well-versed in the latest technology software and are able to meet hiring demands quickly and more efficiently, especially if you need to recruit regularly and in higher volumes.

They also simplify the hiring process for you, know how to meet the needs of hiring managers and candidates and make it a double win for your company. For years, Arthur Lawrence has been enabling organizations across the U.S. to enhance workforce planning and gain agility leveraging our RPO model. Explore our capabilities in this space here.