Top 5 Tech Recruitment Challenges (and How to Overcome Them)

To compete on a global scale, one of the critical aspects is the level of software engineering expertise that the company is able to recruit and retain. It decides whether they will succeed or fail. In the area of software development, staying competitive implies that you have to be both, agile and responsive. A lot of this depends on the technical ability and diversity in your teams.

If you are a recruiter, you would know the challenges you face while finding the right talent. However, hiring technical talent is even trickier when companies have aggressive hiring goals to meet and have a limited talent pool. With the tech industry growing rapidly, recruitment challenges are intensifying and tech recruiters must double up as acrobats – because you’re going to be walking on a tight rope.

According to a survey conducted by a hiring platform, out of over a thousand tech hiring managers and recruiters in the U.S., 86% stated that finding suitable candidates was a huge challenge in tech recruitment.  

There is a considerable demand gap in the field per se which results in several companies settling for candidates that do not meet the requirements. Results from the survey showed that more than half the hiring managers ended up recruiting talent that did not meet the job description completely.

Of course, this has a significant impact on the industry at large – primarily with organizations struggling to meet the bottom line. Moreover, existing employees feel burdened with the additional tasks they must do to fulfill the gap. This only leads to more burnout and a decline in productivity.

But wait, there is more…

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that in the next seven years, there will be a greater need for software developers. As a tech recruiter, your top priority should be to turn this hiring problem into an opportunity for growth and innovation.  

The tech industry will continue to expand. The only way for tech recruiters to up their game is to change their recruitment strategies.

Here are some of the most common recruitment challenges you are going to face (or must be facing already), and the best way to overcome them.

Challenge #1: Not meeting the right qualifications.

There are two aspects to the gap in the market:

1. You can’t find someone with the right skills/qualifications.

2. You don’t trust their resume.

Technical talent has less to do with where you went to school, and more with the right experience in the respective field.

How to overcome this?

Readjust your criteria for getting someone on board. Candidates without technical degrees but interest and experience in coding marathons and boot camps are a more favorable option. This shows they have the relevant skills and more practical knowledge.

Moreover, there is an increasing demand for candidates that can communicate well with others, work well in a team, and adapt swiftly to a dynamic work environment.

Part of the challenge arises because you’re either not looking actively or searching in all the wrong places.

The best way is to use more than one channel for pursuing leads and look at places and communities populated with developers. Find the right platforms, such as LinkedIn, and use employee referrals for internal hiring. Alternatively, you can reach out to companies that specialize in talent acquisition for tech companies. This works in your favor because they do all the searching for you, so you don’t have to filter through hordes of candidates, and then it’s no longer your hiring problem. Moreover, it speeds up the recruitment process for you and you meet your hiring targets without settling for anyone but the best!

Challenge #2: You don’t know what your hiring manager wants.

As a recruiter, you want to accelerate the hiring process because you’ve got targets to meet. However, a hiring manager is more likely to delay the process because they want to find someone who will be able to work with the team. Ultimately, your priorities are the same, so tweak your hiring strategy to meet both your objectives.

How to overcome this?

Communicate with the hiring manager and make sure you identify the most essential skillset you’re looking for, including both soft and technical skills. As a recruiter, you won’t be able to draft a technical job description without the specific details from your hiring manager.

Have a clear discussion about what soft skills are imperative to the role because those are crucial in ensuring that you hire long-term employees.

Make sure your job description is realistic and not ideal. A hiring manager might want someone who won’t be willing to settle for the salary you’re offering. Ask them if they want someone who can learn and adapt faster or someone with experience who will cost more.

Include the hiring manager in the interview process and some other key team members if possible. This will help you get an idea of how well they would fit into the work environment and with other team members. Follow up with a brief assignment that the candidate can complete and submit to assess their technical skills.

Challenge #3: You find the right talent, but they take up another job.

Since the demand for tech recruitments is higher, companies with a faster hiring process are more likely to get the first pick. Most job seekers also tend to be impatient and will settle for a company that does not keep them in the dark.

How to overcome this?

Once you’ve identified the best practices to conduct a thorough interview, schedule and wrap it up on the same day so you can immediately send an offer to the right candidate.

Don’t overthink the decision, but of course no need to rush into it either. Make sure you update the shortlisted candidates throughout, so they don’t feel like you’ve left them hanging.

If you want to speed up the recruitment process without missing out on good-quality candidates, use online coding tests and gaming challenges. The automated test will streamline the candidates you want to call in for an interview.

Challenge #4: Too much competition when attracting talent.

In tech recruitment, the number of jobs exceeds the number of available candidates, so recruiters often find themselves in a battle royal to get the best pick. This also means that the top talent is likely to weigh their options before choosing a place that offers flexibility and better rumination.

How to overcome this?

Brand yourself well so that you can win candidates over with a positive outlook. Job seekers are attracted to companies that add value to their lives with flexible work schedules and the option to work from home.

If you are not able to offer them competitive salary packages, a better work environment works well to tip the scales in your favor. Plus, if you’ve worked on building a positive reputation in the industry, someone who already has a job will be willing to level up by working with you.

If you can’t find the right candidates, bring them to your company instead! Workshops, hackathons, webinars are interactive ways to engage prospective candidates virtually or physically.

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