Make Your LinkedIn Profile Stand Out

You can utilize various ways to make your LinkedIn CV stand out from the crowd. What a recruiter looks for varies depending on your industry and the job you are considering. However, hiring managers do prefer résumés that stand out. It is vital to make a memorable first impression by sending a clean and concise résumé explaining your job qualification. This article will discuss making your résumé stand out on professional networking sites like LinkedIn, Indeed, Bark, Opportunity, Jobcase, etc.

Employers will browse through your profile before scheduling an interview with you. Here are 10 strategies for making your CV stand out in a jam-packed field.

1. Add the face to your name

Your photo is the first impression people will get of you on LinkedIn. So, make it stand out by uploading a professional snapshot. Many LinkedIn accounts do not include a headshot, which is equivalent to showing up to a job fair and hiding your face when you bump into recruiters. Putting a face to your name and uploading an excellent profile photo can help people remember who you are.

2. Put some thought into the headline

After seeing your photo, your headline is the second thing your profile visitors see, located directly below your name. A catchy headline makes your LinkedIn profile stand out. If you do not want your current job title to appear in your LinkedIn profile’s headline, or you do not want to stand out, you can change it. Write something that will connect with your audience. Think about the words that would appear on a billboard promoting your business. As an alternative to just mentioning your job title, describe your expertise and how it can help your employer or clients. Write for the people you want to reach. Customers, clients, and potential employers are all possible audiences for you.

3. Summarize your skillset

In your LinkedIn summary, you have up to 2,000 characters to tell the world about your professional journey. You can use this space to stand out on LinkedIn. Spend some time developing your tale so that the reader thinks, “I’ve got to meet this person!”

You do not have to utilize all 2,000 characters because of limited attention spans. Keep the length of your summary between 500 and 1000.

Attempting to summarize everything you have ever done is a waste of time. Mention your strengths, areas of expertise, and the value you can provide to an employer. It’s critical that you use the right keywords. In addition to using words specific to your field, try to show your professional persona in your cover letter to make your LinkedIn stand out.

4. Make your experience shine

Copying and pasting your CV onto your LinkedIn page will not help your résumé stand out. Take your time in revising your résumé based on the job description. You must include your previous positions that might be relevant to the job you are considering. Also, use three to five exciting and outstanding bullet points for each job to stand out on LinkedIn.

Use action words to demonstrate your duties and what you have done (results) for your company for your LinkedIn profile to stand out. Using figures as much as possible, describe the effect you have had, the projects you led, and, most importantly, the revenue influence you had.

5. Use visuals

To make your LinkedIn stand out, you may use a backdrop banner image on LinkedIn, just like you do on Twitter and Facebook. Your LinkedIn profile’s backdrop banner picture should represent who you are and how you want to stand out from seen.

Using the media connector, you may add YouTube videos, infographics, and PowerPoints to your LinkedIn profile to stand out. Utilizing relevant material might help your page stand out and grab the viewer’s attention.

6. Customize your URL

Your profile’s Uniform Resource Locator (URL) is the one that other users will point to find you on LinkedIn. Your name plus a jumble of random numbers and characters will appear in the URL of your profile by default. For example, a URL like this: Creating a unique URL for your LinkedIn profile (something like this: makes it simpler for search engines to discover you. Simplicity will make your LinkedIn profile stand out.

As a result, a personalized URL makes the person who is looking for you think good things about you:

– You are a stickler for minor details.

– You are tech-savvy.

– You understand the importance of perception.

To make your LinkedIn profile stand out, modify your profile URL by right-clicking on your photo or clicking on three dots. There is an opportunity to alter your URL there. Use this option to make your URL shorter and more aesthetically pleasing.

7. Network with other professionals

The more references you have on your networking sites, the more chances for you to be found. Your connections allow you to make your profile stand out on LinkedIn. When hiring managers and recruiters search LinkedIn for possible candidates, you will show the talent acquisition’s standard connections and traits. At the absolute minimum, you should strive for more than 500 influences. Anything less than 500 on LinkedIn will show your actual number of contacts. LinkedIn indicates you have 500+ connections if you have more than 500. Getting to that number suggests that you’re a LinkedIn power player. If not, recruiters will favor your people skills.

Connect with people you know personally, have worked with, or met in a professional capacity (tradeshows, conferences, etc.) in your area and your industry-related people. If you want to connect with someone you have never met, include a letter stating who you are and why you’d like to meet. Either way, your LinkedIn profile will stand out because of your professional connections.

8. Skill endorsements and recommendations

Potential employers want to know what your peers think of you to get a job. Ask for recommendations and skills endorsements to display that you believe in learning. The people who know you best aren’t simply your former employers; they include your coworkers, suppliers, and customers.

9. Maintain an active profile

LinkedIn is not just a place to look for jobs. It is much more than what meets the eye; it is a social media platform for networking. Aiming for the best results on LinkedIn requires continual activity. Produce blog entries and other forms of written content. Browse through other LinkedIn users and see what they have shared, particularly those you know. Share and like content that speaks to your heart. Engage in intelligent discussion to demonstrate your knowledge and experience. Such positive activities will make your LinkedIn stand out.

10. LinkedIn profile’s quality score

If you want to succeed, use LinkedIn. A “Profile Strength Meter” has been devised to measure the strength of your profile. This metric informs you how far along you are in the process of finishing your profile. When your gauge shows an “All-Star” status, use the advice you’ll be provided to keep adding to your profile. Continue working on making your profile stand out. If you follow these 10 guidelines, your LinkedIn profile will be the talk of the job market town in no time. Job searchers must optimize their profiles to stand out from the crowd, promote their abilities, and demonstrate their successes. Since simplicity is the best policy, make it as simple as possible for the reader to understand your professional background.

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