Getting Hired At a Fortune 500 Company

Fear of failure must never be a reason not to try something.” – Frederick W. Smith, CEO of FedEx.

While this is easier said than done, it’s heartwarming to know that fear of failure is a universal feeling, and even the CEO of a Fortune 500 company has felt it. But whether we can conquer the fear and face our demons, is what sets us apart and defines a true leader.

All of us have a list of goals we want to achieve and our markers of success. For some, it might be building your empire or becoming an entrepreneur while for others getting a fortune 500 job tops the list. Similarly, for some, it can be a linear process and for others, there are always bumps and curveballs along the way – but with perseverance and resilience, you can achieve anything.

So, what does it take to get hired at a Fortune 500 company; why is it desirable to work for one; and how can you get there?

Getting a Fortune 500 job: The ultimate guide

1. Shoot your shot

Your value will be not what you know; it will be what you share.” – Ginni Rometty, CEO of IBM

There’s a reason why these companies made it to the Fortune 500 lists. They’re impeccably professional in their work style and recruitment process. Pursue the official channels of application and send in your resume at the career portal on the website.

Make a list of the top 20 companies you want to apply for after researching the job criteria and work culture thoroughly to make sure you’ll be able to fit in. Fix your resume and post it at the portal.

These companies get a lot of resumes, so it takes time to go through them all. If you don’t hear back from them once, don’t lose hope. Keep working on yourself and post again.  

2. Keep an eye out for programs they host and enroll

“There’s a big space between uncomfortable enough and too uncomfortable, and that’s where growth and innovation thrive.” – David S. Taylor, CEO of Procter & Gamble.

There’s nothing that shows you have a go-getter attitude than going out of your way to look for training programs in a particular niche you’re interested in. Tap into your social capital and find people who have been a part of these programs before so you can learn about how to apply and what it takes to get in.

If you’re a fresh graduate or have been working for a long time but want to switch career paths, get in touch with the company. Find out about what training sessions they offer and pursue a similar degree for higher education.

Don’t dismiss internship programs. Even if you have to start from scratch, then go for it. The Fortune 500 jobs of your dreams will be worth it. Most of the companies in the Fortune 500 tend to recruit internally, which means you won’t always come across a job opening. However, if you secure an internship, it’s the perfect opportunity to explore the workplace, culture, and network so you’ll know when there’s a job opening.

3. Focus on what sets you apart

One of our core behaviors is to show courage, and I ask you to demonstrate that by raising opportunities that need to be addressed.” – Marvin Ellison, CEO of Lowe’s

Sometimes, when you’re laser-focused on achieving something, eventually you lose sight of why you want it in the first place. Remind yourself why you want to get that Fortune 500 job and how does it contribute to your professional and personal goal. Everyone is in search of a better opportunity but how is your journey unique and what value are you going to add to the company when you get hired?

It takes a little introspection to know your story and once you do, you’ll be able to better represent yourself and identify your worth. If anything, it’s a great confidence booster and reaffirming so you stay persistent on your path and don’t make the mistake of underselling yourself.

Make sure your resume is updated, but also that it highlights how interesting, qualified, and well-suited you are for the role. There will be thousands of applicants that you’re competing against so you have to make sure you truly stand out from the crowd but will fit into their work culture.

Why does everyone want to work for a Fortune 500 company?

Other than the fact that they happen to be some of the largest employers, working at a Fortune 500 company has several other advantages as well.

Several of these companies have locations across the country, which gives employees a lot of flexibility if they have to move. It’s also easy to switch career paths within the organization.

They believe in fostering healthy work environments and cultures, and value employee’s mental and physical health. Plus, experience at a Fortune 500 company looks great on paper and opens up a plethora of opportunities in the future.

You also get to use cutting-edge technology and work with more sophisticated, solution-oriented work practices in a collaborative setting. They have a fairly vast network of employees, customers, and vendors which makes it an interesting experience and connects you to a lot more people.

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How can you get a Fortune 500 job?

The best way to start working at a Fortune 500 company is with the help of a recruiter. Several companies work with external recruiters because they need to hire a lot of people in a relatively short time. A recruiter has the industry knowledge to guide you through the process of specific companies you want to work for and the hiring managers’ needs as well.

They also know exactly what the company is looking for and what the hiring process looks like, which helps them match the best talent to the right opportunity.

When you apply through a recruiter, make sure you note which positions you have applied for and let your recruiter know in case a company does not accept more than one application.

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