Diverse Talent: 5 Strategies to Retain Top Tech Talent in Organization

A survey of companies found that only 13% of employers say they can find and keep the best tech talent. Attracting and retaining talent is a key focus for tech functions. Technology leaders must develop a proactive, diverse tech talent strategy. Ensuring the presence of qualified individuals in tech positions is not just a routine task but rather a crucial strategic priority that directly impacts the growth potential of the enterprise.

So, how to retain diverse talent? Let’s find out in this post.

Diverse Tech Talent 

Although talent diversity is a concern for all organizations, it is particularly a complex issue for technology professionals. Comparatively to nontechnical roles, there were 14% fewer women in entry-level engineering or product positions and 15% fewer in first-level management positions. Likewise, the data from the McKinsey report indicates that although African Americans constitute 13% of the workforce, their representation as software engineers is a mere 4.5%.

Every company’s talent strategy should prioritize addressing the opportunity for diverse tech talent. Organizations characterized by senior leadership diversity achieve superior performance and greater success in recruiting and retaining top talent.

How to Retain Diverse Talent 

Organizations need to put considerable effort into hiring diverse talent. Some of the strategies for hiring and retaining diverse tech talent are discussed below.

1. Diverse Hiring Practices 

Implementing a diverse hiring process is the initial step in attracting a diverse workforce. Organizations must guarantee that their job advertisements are comprehensive devoid of any gender, racial, or other biases. Furthermore, they should exert initiative in order to increase the visibility of their job postings among organizations and communities of diversity.

It is imperative for organizations to thoroughly examine their employment procedures in order to guarantee equitable representation. Therefore, in order to expedite the recruiting process for diverse candidates, both hiring panels and recruiters should be diverse. Executives who strongly oppose a diverse recruiting process should be aware that organizations that have a diverse workforce generate 19% more revenue from innovation, according to a McKinsey report. Diversity in the recruiting process is an absolute necessity for expansion-oriented businesses.

2. Provide Mentorship

Organizations must establish mentorship initiatives that link staff members with mentors capable of providing support and encouragement. Providing mentorship is particularly advantageous for staff members who lack access to networks and resources identical to those of their colleagues. Additionally, businesses can assist employees who face challenges, such as language barriers or cultural differences. Examples include cultural sensitivity training and language instruction.

Moreover, providing career progression opportunities is also crucial to retaining diverse tech talent. Providing opportunities for skill enhancement and methodical direction regarding professional growth can aid in guaranteeing that a heterogeneous workforce possesses the requisite capabilities for progression. Assisting with professional development also involves assessing policies to identify any hindering issues.

3. Offer Flexibility

Delivering flexible/hybrid work settings is the most effective method to retain high-performing tech talent. In fact, an additional study suggests that 52% of computer talent favors a remote-first paradigm, with one-third wanting to be totally remote indefinitely. Furthermore, 46% of tech employees say they would consider leaving a business if it stopped providing remote work options.

4. Create Inclusive Environment 

It is essential to foster an inclusive culture in order to retain and recruit a diverse workforce. In order to accomplish this, organizations must cultivate a secure and courteous professional atmosphere that appreciates and observes diversity. Employers can commence by providing all personnel with diversity and inclusion training, which will enable them to comprehend the value of diversity and collaborate efficiently with individuals of various backgrounds.

Establish definite policies and procedures in order to prevent any form of harassment or discrimination. All employees should be duly informed of these policies, and the organization should promptly address any violations.

Establishing a comprehensive compilation of data pertaining to recruitment, employee retention, job performance, and diversity is an essential initial measure. It will provide greater insight into the present condition of DEI and function as a benchmark to evaluate progress. Likewise, businesses must clarify their DEI objectives, which are often excessively general and imprecise, such as “increase our diverse talent” or “make diversity a top priority.” The most effective goal-setting frameworks, including objectives and key results (OKRs), are those that are explicit, comprehensive, transparent, and perpetually revised.

5. Focus on Diverse Leadership 

Fostering leadership diversity is essential for attracting and retaining diverse tech talent. Diverse leaders can serve as exemplars for staff members while simultaneously fostering an environment that appreciates and commemorates diversity. Unfortunately, the majority of technology companies fall short. 55% of tech companies lack comprehensive strategies to increase diversity representation in leadership positions. This explains why only 42% of the analyzed technology startups have at least one executive who is ethnically or racially diverse.

It should be the objective of businesses to recruit and advance diverse candidates to leadership positions. The goal of hiring diverse talent can be achieved through strategic partnerships with forward-thinking diversity providers who possess expertise in implementing focused strategies to attract executives from various backgrounds. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the companies to allocate sufficient funds in support of these initiatives.


Building a workforce comprising diverse tech talent is crucial for organizations as it brings a diversity of perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences. This, in turn, results in increased innovation, creativity, and productivity. The implementation of a diverse hiring process, the provision of mentorship and support, and the prioritization of leadership diversity help in hiring and retaining diverse tech talent. Businesses that implement these strategies can positively influence the industry and society in addition to increasing profits. We at Arthur Lawrence can help you optimize your recruitment processes or attract top tech talent. Contact us today to see how our services can help you establish a successful team.