Career Coaching And How It Benefits You In 2023

According to research, career coaching can help people find jobs more quickly and earn more money. In 2009, 62% of professionals claimed their career opportunities significantly improved after receiving career coaching. You can only imagine the millions of individuals changing their lives as a result of career coaching to date. Career coaching is an effective tool that is used by different industries globally. There’s no doubt that it is a multi-billion-dollar industry. But before getting into what is career coaching, let’s talk about who exactly is a career coach.

A career coach is a professional who works with you to identify your professional interests, skills, and values (or motivators). They work to educate their clients about the world of work, industries, and occupations, as well as how this relates to career advancement, career pivots, career changes, and job searching.

Career coach Tracy Capozzoli Ed.S., MS.

 What Is Career Coaching?

A career coach works one-on-one with clients to assist them in realizing their potential and reaching their career goals. Career coaches offer guidance on career decisions, including career planning, career changes, and career advice. Now that you know what is a career coach, it’s imperative to understand that each career coaching journey is different as every professional has their own career trajectory according to their standing in the industry.

Another interesting question than “what is career coaching?” is how does career coaching benefit one’s career? You can enhance your job-searching abilities with the help of career coaching. They can assist you with resume review, cover letter drafting, and job interview preparation.

How Can You Benefit from Career Coaching in 2023?

– Realize Your Professional Value

Do you understand your true worth? Which of your skills are in demand by potential employers? You can evaluate your knowledge and skills and comprehend your market value with the aid of a good career coach. When it comes time to negotiate your salary, this can be very helpful. Still, wondering what is career coaching? A professional career coach can help you overcome insecurities by emphasizing the unique combination of abilities and skills that only you can bring to the table. Humans tend to self-sabotage by allowing distorted beliefs to define their professional worth.

– Gives Perspective on Your Future Goals

Are you stuck in your current job? A career coaching session can assist in setting you free. Knowing where you’re going and how you’ll get there helps you get results faster. You can map your career’s course with a career coach’s aid by thinking beyond the next position. What position could you hold for a year or two to get you ready for the following step and the one after? In five years, where do you want to be? Ten years? Twenty years? You can get there with the right career coaching.

As you study what is career coaching, you’ll realize career coaches are solely concerned with your well-being because they are not personally invested. They offer guidance, support, and paths you hadn’t considered before. Your coach will assess the feasibility of your short- and long-term objectives. They will assess your current career path and develop a solid plan for moving forward.

– Motivation

Have you sent out numerous resumes but received no response from employers? The stress and anxiety that come with the process can be lessened with the assistance of your career coach if a string of unsuccessful job applications has damaged your self-esteem. When you feel like giving up, a coach acts as a sounding board and motivates you to press on. As you explore what is career coaching further, you’ll know how career coaches can help in a mental reset and the discovery of your motivators.

– Greater Accountability

Your career coach will assist you in setting goals and tasks and hold you accountable for completing them. If you have a session with your coach scheduled in a week, you are more likely to complete those tasks because you don’t want to be seen as a slacker, and you paid for it! Career coaching will help you in staying on track with your job search.

– Get an Unbiased and Honest Feedback

Sometimes you need someone to trust to tell you the truth. Typically, we seek advice from friends and family. However, they may not want to hurt your feelings by providing honest feedback. Alternatively, they may advise you based on their own interests. This is when you should look into what is career coaching.

A career coach, on the other hand, will act as a neutral third party who can provide constructive, independent advice. They identify your strengths as well as your weaknesses. As a result, you can either put your best foot forward or bring yourself back down to earth if your goals are unrealistic. Best of all, they can assist you in developing practical solutions when faced with challenges on your career path.

– Prepare for Lined Up Interviews

Career coaches also know the different interviewing techniques and can help you prepare for the questions that will likely be asked during interviews. Then you can practice your responses. You are more assured and show more executive presence when you enter an interview prepared with your questions and answers in mind. You will have an advantage over your rivals thanks to this. Nothing is more satisfying than answering a question you have already studied for.

– Access to Tools and Resources for Accurate Job Search

You might be using the wrong search tools if you’ve been looking for a job or interview for what seems like ages. To ensure you are conveying the appropriate professional message, a good career coach will review everything you have written, including your email signature, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, and resume. Your coach will assist you in rewriting your workplace documents to comply with the requirements of the current applicant tracking system.


Career coaching has long been a popular alternative for professionals who have no one else to turn to for career advice. According to the most recent statistics, it is still viewed as a means of advancing one’s career, and that perception isn’t likely to change anytime soon. The demand may even increase, which is great news for career coaches as they can now assist even more professionals in achieving their professional objectives. By now, I hope the question, “what is career coaching” is answered for you.

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