Recruitment Process Outsourcing
Enhance workforce planning and gain agility
Optimizing recruiting practices to drive business growth

When you have a breakthrough business idea, you want to set the wheels in motion. You need people with the right skills and a go-getter attitude ready to start executing and delivering results that matter to you.

RPO solution makes this a whole lot easier responding to business’ recruitment challenges and enabling them to enhance workforce planning and gain agility.

Arthur Lawrence works as a strategic talent partner understanding the clients’ goals and expectations across the process from sourcing, onboarding to nurturing the talent and providing strategic consultative insights.

Our capabilities

Hybrid RPO Model

We offer full-spectrum recruitment services if an in-house team does not exist. Alternatively, we also seamlessly complement existing teams allowing them to level up their strategy and scale their talent acquisition function.

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Talent Resourcing, Management and Development

Drawing from our two-decade-long experience, we ensure that our clients have the talent they need and enable them to build workforce capabilities to improve performance and agility for their current and future needs.

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Configurable RPO Solutions

Whether it is a project-based, technical, hard-to-fill position or a strategic enterprise-wide role, our clients leverage our resources and expertise across a range of domains and functions within the organization.

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Strategic Talent Consultation

We follow an integrated talent business approach, which means that we offer our clients consultative insights ranging from market analysis to process optimization and latest thinking on diversity and inclusion to attract and retain high-quality talent.

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Tech-Enabled Recruitment

To help you streamline the talent acquisition process, we deploy the best-in-class technology-enabled recruitment methodologies that respond to your unique talent needs and ensure a quick turnaround time.

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Exceptional Candidate Experience

As a strategic talent partner, our goal is not only to fill positions. We focus on understanding your culture and business and ensure that it is reflected throughout the talent acquisition journey and positions you as an employer of choice.

Get industry feedback
Depend on digitization for all the right reasons. We deploy intelligent dashboards that enhance the negotiation and decision-making capacity of your legal team. Our data visualization tools also support collaboration between stakeholders, improve transaction time, and measurably reduce delays and error rates.
Optimize the hiring process
Experience the benefits of our LPO Services’ robust cybersecurity infrastructure. Workflows ensure client visibility across each process, while an experienced, certified cybersecurity team monitors deployment of cybersecurity tools and proactively undertakes all measures to safeguard data and systems.
Faster recruitment process
Increase productivity by speeding up the recruitment process and hiring top candidates swiftly.

Our latest thinking

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