Are You Planning To Partner With a Staffing Firm?

Staffing agencies have long-hailed middlemen who connect small and large enterprises to highly trained employees. Organizations that need extra hands on board and need to meet hiring demands quickly turn to staffing agencies.

These agencies offer flexibility and have a larger pool of qualified and pre-vetted candidates to fulfill the company’s demands. They also make job search easier for candidates and help them find the right fit. Working with a staffing agency can benefit both job seekers and employers.

Here are some tips for job seekers working with a staffing firm to get the next best opportunity:

Don’t wait to get in touch with them

Even if you’re not ready to switch jobs immediately, there’s no time like the present to get in touch with a staffing firm. They always have requirements to fulfill and are looking for new candidates to join immediately, which means you have a higher probability of finding a role that suits you the best. It’s easier for the staffing firm to reach out to the candidates if they have all their information on board.

Communicate your preferences and expectations

A staffing firm’s priority is to place candidates successfully in organizations where their employees can stay for the long run. They want what is best for both job seekers and employers. Hence, it’s crucial to be very honest and upfront about the kind of job role and workplace you’re interested in working for.

Try not to be someone who agrees to everything even if it doesn’t align with your goals, values and lifestyles because you think it will boost your chances of getting the job. For example, several candidates will agree to work late and on weekends during an interview even if they are unable to do so and then later find it challenging to manage their time which inadvertently impacts their job performance.

A staffing agency wants to help you find a job you love, so be honest.

Work on your communication skills

This is not just a soft skill that helps you perform well in interviews but can drastically improve your professional relationships and career prospects. A little communication goes a long way, especially when looking for a new job. Build your communication skills and regularly follow up with emails and phone calls.

Do your research and ask questions

Staffing firms work with different niches, so make sure you work with the one relevant to your field. When you find the right fit, get in touch with them and ask as many questions as you want. Enquire about the process and get as much clarity as you can so you know what to expect, especially if this is your first time working with a staffing firm.

Take the interview process seriously

Interviewing with the recruiter is very similar to a job interview. This is an opportunity for you both to get to know each other, and you must start on the right foot and make a good impression. Dress up professionally and bring a copy of your updated resume and any other documents the recruiter has requested. Make sure you arrive on time, take as much feedback as possible, and implement it because it will help speed up your process.

Keep an open mind

It’s very common for candidates looking for full-time positions to end up getting temporary or contractual work to begin with. Don’t be disheartened by this, and instead, treat this as an opportunity to learn and enhance your skill set and experience. It’s a good opportunity for you to try and see if a certain job role will be the right fit for you in the future. Also, sometimes a temporary position can lead to a full-time role or may even be extended.

Check-in with your recruiter

One of the most important tips for working with a staffing agency is to ensure you’re checking in with them regularly. Follow up every two weeks on a job you have applied for, or get an update on your status every two weeks so that you’re on their radar. Be respectful of your recruiter’s boundaries and only communicate with them whichever way they prefer. Be patient during the process, especially if the recruiter cannot get back to you immediately.   

 For companies that want to partner with a staffing agency, the priority is to find the right candidate quickly. They need to be clear about the job role, its description, and their company goals to highlight what type of candidate they are looking for.

Here are tips for working with a staffing agency for employers to maximize their profits:

Define everything

And we mean everything. List down the skills, goals and objectives for the position and specify the personality type you are looking for. Be descriptive about your company culture, which values you prioritize, so that the recruiter clearly understands the type of candidate.

Learn about their services

Staffing agencies offer several services such as direct-hire, permanent and contractual positions and contract-to-hire services. Some even put the candidate on their payroll to onboard them contractually, which gives you time to decide if you want to place an offer.

Approve the budget beforehand

The purpose of hiring a staffing agency is to primarily make the hiring process quicker and more seamless. But if you decide at the last minute that you are not willing to pay the fees or the candidate is not within your budget, it wastes a lot of time for the candidate who interviewed and the agency who allocated their resources.

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Be decisive Don’t delay making an offer once you find a candidate that meets almost 90% of the criteria you listed. It’s unrealistic to expect a candidate who will fulfill each and everything on your list, and you don’t want to risk losing a highly-qualified candidate to a position in another company.