The Arthur Lawrence Way

January 16, 2020

Culture, as traditional business wisdom goes, is the ‘worst behavior leadership is prepared to tolerate’. But what if it’s the other way around?

What if leadership is fully invested in cultivating and upholding values that will nurture talent for paving the future, within and beyond the organization? What it if it’s about improving life and the quality of living by keeping value creation at the center of what we do? What if it’s about fully entrusting and supporting talent to achieve what it is meant to do?

This is what culture means to us, and we enshrine it in what we call The Arthur Lawrence Way.

The Arthur Lawrence Way brings culture, strategy and the processes that enable strategy deployment, together in one modus operandi. It makes the Soul of Arthur Lawrence—our belief system, a vibrant, living element of organization strategy. The Arthur Lawrence Way answers the ‘why’ in our reason for being. It directs how we work. It is about owning—and continually holding ourselves accountable—to a higher moral standard in our personal and professional conduct.

We sincerely believe that business and individual performance are both functions of strong standards. Each standard is defined within Arthur Lawrence’s Seven Pillars:

  • – Integrity
  • – Value Creation
  • – Stewardship
  • – Collaboration
  • – Best Client
  • – Education
  • – People

Our credo of improving lives by creating exceptional value continues to inform the tactical and strategic decisions we take everyday as we live the Arthur Lawrence Way.

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