A Guide to Optimize Manufacturing Processes with NetSuite

The manufacturing industry is undergoing digital transformation. In this development, streamlining of operations is at the leading edge. The technological developments help in addressing challenges like supply chain disruptions, the backlog of orders, and other similar issues.

With the aid of these advanced technologies and software, manufacturing organizations have gained insightful knowledge about their production activities through increased visibility and reporting, thereby helping in forecasting inventory planning.

One such breakthrough is NetSuite for manufacturing firms, which facilitates operations and improves planning capabilities. The modern manufacturing industry relies on control, coordination, and management. Therefore, NetSuite is essential for manufacturing companies as it can improve business processes.

Today’s post is all about NetSuite for manufacturing firms. It sheds light on how NetSuite is doing wonders for manufacturers. So, continue reading to find out all.

NetSuite for Manufacturing Firms 

The challenges in the manufacturing sector are unavoidable, especially during dynamic and uncertain times. Despite the setbacks, manufacturing organizations should adapt and resolve issues to grow.

Manufacturing companies that lack the right tools, technology, and visibility can fail miserably. Some of the serious challenges that damage manufacturing companies include:

– supply chain disruptions

– material shortages

– order backlogs

– managing inventory levels

It is essential to have full visibility of your firm if you want quick recovery after failures and make the decisions that allow continued success in manufacturing. Increased visibility into important information and data can reduce downtime and help in the process of making quicker, well-informed decisions. NetSuite offers improved visibility and better reporting options to help in overcoming the barriers. NetSuite, the business management software, is a popular solution in the manufacturing industry, providing firms an opportunity to manage all their activities from one platform.

NetSuite provides inventory management, warehouse management, accounting, financial administration, order management systems, customer control relationships, and e-commerce capabilities. It can readily accommodate inventories to numerous sites.

Since NetSuite is easy to use, subscribers can adjust the software without specific programming knowledge in order to suit different roles and needs. It can also be customized to provide dynamic information on vital key performance indicators.

An intuitive dashboard provides a 360-degree view of corporate activities and enables the analysis of every problem in detail. Hence, as a cloud-based application, manufacturers can enjoy the full features of NetSuite without paying the high initial costs that they may have to pay for conventional systems.

Benefits of NetSuite for Manufacturers 

NetSuite for the manufacturing industry provides:

– Insight 

The built-in business intelligence features that NetSuite packs offer you real-time information on your company’s performance. The possibility of getting information on the planning of factories as well as important KPIs allows for better decisions, which leads to improved processes.

NetSuite’s manufacturing solution has made it possible to track all stages of the production process, including sales orders and work order processing, routing and scheduling, and product costing and fulfillment. This allows you to make informed decisions.

– Security 

Since NetSuite is a cloud program, this implies that it is inherently secure and brings along embedded security in itself. NetSuite meets a variety of high-level security standards, including SOC 1 Type II and SOC.

– Visibility 

NetSuite’s capacity to manage the business as a whole within the software provides visibility into the whole supply chain operations. NetSuite for manufacturing’s mobile capability allows users to establish and hold a steady connection with their supply chain operations and logistics.

– Efficiency 

With the help of an end-to-end manufacturing software system, you will be able to reduce your time and cost in bringing products into markets anywhere across the globe. NetSuite provides manufacturing organizations with enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for the purpose of effectively managing their production processes.

– Capability 

The shortage of labor may lead to business failures and issues in the sphere of human resources. Organizational operations in manufacturing firms can be automated, consolidated, and streamlined with the use of an ERP system such as NetSuite. To grow your manufacturing firm, you must both improve the effectiveness of your operations and cut down on resource consumption, and this can be achieved through NetSuite for manufacturing modules.

NetSuite Modules for Manufacturing Companies 

The manufacturing ERP offered by NetSuite enables manufacturers to coordinate, supervise, and manage all aspects of their business operations from a single location.

The top modules of NetSuite for manufacturers are:

– Production Management 

It helps in enhancing work order management, product quality, and scheduling. Work orders can be created, released, updated, and monitored throughout the entirety of the production process. Additionally, you will obtain additional information for inventory management for the product lifecycle’s duration.

– Inventory Management 

It lets manufacturers closely manage the supply chain and inventory levels to satisfy customer demand. It also offers freedom in defining the processing of customers and products using rules that are built on many levels. It is possible to improve order and line fill rates with the assistance of this module, which also helps to reduce administrative costs.

– Demand Management 

The use of demand management simplifies the process of predicting. With the assistance of this module, manufacturers can manage their supply chain and guarantee that they have enough inventory levels. The module lets you analyze previous data, which enables you to make informed decisions on forecasting.

– Planning and Scheduling 

Accurate planning should be the top concern for every manufacturing company that wishes to be successful. The supply and demand processes are automated by this module, which ensures that your inventory levels are in line with that of the demand.

– Supply Chain Management 

The module simplifies the process of arranging distribution resources. This module serves as the adhesive that binds your purchasing and suppliers’ divisions together under one roof. In addition to automating stock levels with restocking notifications, you can obtain a real-time picture of the state of your inventory as well as statistics regarding your supply chain.

– Procurement 

The procurement module of NetSuite for manufacturers provides support for all operations and logistics, including the management of inventory and the successful fulfillment of material orders.

– Quality Management 

The module allows manufacturers to offer high-quality products while reducing the amount of manual labor required. It is possible to maintain high product quality while simultaneously having the capacity to design inspection plans, pass/fail criteria, and other criteria in real-time.

– Work Orders 

It provides more control and visibility when things are being processed by defining assembly items with ease, constructing complex bills of materials, and generating work orders. Manufacturers who adhere to lean principles can also benefit from this module because it eliminates the need for work orders.


The strategy of optimizing manufacturing operations with NetSuite is an innovative approach. The modules of NetSuite for manufacturing optimization allow better control and coordination of various aspects related to manufacturing operations. Arthur Lawrence specializes in NetSuite integration services, ensuring a seamless transition to enhanced manufacturing processes. Contact us today to find out how we can customize the NetSuite solutions to help your manufacturing business achieve improved efficiency, simplified operations, and long-term success.

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