10 Surprising Jobs With No Experience Required

Here’s a little fact you don’t get to hear when you’re about to graduate and looking for your first job – not every job or career requires extensive experience. It might not sound like something you would hear oft, but it’s true.

Most employers value candidates that demonstrate strong soft skills through their extra-curricular work, part-time jobs, or even volunteer experience. Good communication, organization skills, and a positive and responsible attitude are some of the most common traits any organization will look for.  

Even if you have work experience that proves you have soft skills but want to switch fields, you might be hesitant because there’s a valid “fear of the unknown”, but remember, everyone starts somewhere.


Let’s look at some of the types of jobs that don’t require any experience.  





Securing an internship position at a company you want to work for, is an excellent entry point for those who want to get a feel for the company culture before they get on board. It also allows you to show you’re a team player and have a good work ethic. These opportunities also allow you to build a network and gain social capital in case you need it. 



Self-employment opportunities


Creating a job for yourself that requires no experience can be self-empowering and more motivating. Instead of working for someone else, you can choose to work for yourself whether that’s via freelancing, doing odd jobs, or even becoming an entrepreneur.

You might not have experience, but with the willingness to learn and adapt, this is a good option for people who already have some financial security. Building something from the ground up has high risks but can lead to higher rewards.





Office administrators, receptionists, and customer service reps are some of the jobs that don’t require experience but can still allow you to build a stable income while you pursue other things as well. Most companies offer training for any technical features of the job and will only look at your confidence and people skills based on your interview.  

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If you don’t have experience but want to gain some in a particular field, an assistant position is a good way of getting your foot in the door. You don’t need to be a jack-of-all-trades but the ability to get things done is a great selling point. Public relations professionals are often looking for fresh graduates or people with no job experience so they can mold them according to their requirements. Some key skills that will work in your favor include being able to write well and being a people person.


Here’s a list of other jobs that require no experience in terms of formal degrees, and those that offer some training on the job provided by the employers.


Flight attendant


Not only does being a flight attendant require no experience but the demand for this job is expected to remain high for the rest of the decade. This is because air traffic is increasing and airplane crews need to expand regularly to accommodate the number of travelers.

The minimum requirement to be a flight attendant is a high-school diploma or the educational equivalent of it. There are three-six weeks of training on the job, followed by a certification that needs to be renewed annually. The expected salary range is between $30-90,000 and the most amount of experience requires is a couple of years in customer service.

Most airlines are not selective about where you have acquired customer service experience but will check your referrals. For example, if you had a job in the service industry and left on good terms, you’re a promising candidate to receive training.

Is this job perfect for you? If you love to travel, don’t mind irregular working hours, standing for long hours on flights, and enjoy customer service, then it’s worth a shot!



Sales Representative


Sales representatives is a job that requires no experience or qualification, but exceptional people skills. If you know how to read people, are an outgoing person who loves problem-solving, this is the perfect job for you.

Most salespeople are highly motivated not just because they’re chasing a commission, but because the rush from making sales keeps them going and gives them a sense of achievement. You don’t need formal knowledge about the product or service you’re selling but you have to study it to get to know it completely.

It’s fairly easy to get an entry-level position and work your way up if you can show that you’re willing to learn about the product and have good social skills. The average salary income for a sales representative ranges between $40-80,000.



Real Estate Agent


As a real estate agent, you don’t need any qualifications or prior job experience, but you will need a license. However, this job role is perfect for people who are outgoing and have similar qualities to those of sales representatives.

If you want to switch careers because you need more flexible timings, or want to work for yourself, this is the right job for you. You can start by taking an online course and get your license after a few weeks of classes and start selling homes!

This job is one of the highest-paying entry-level jobs although that depends on which neighborhood you’re operating in and the state of the housing market in general. However, this job doesn’t require extensive qualifications or experience but allows you to build a strong network over time and secure higher commissions.



Software Developers and Programmers


This is perhaps one of the most surprising jobs that require no experience or qualification. Programmers don’t need a formal undergraduate, but a few certifications and internships can help them progress in their careers. They need to prove that they have a command over a certain programming language and have experience working with different software.

They are also required to have certain personal skills like being able to pay attention to detail, work with different team members to get the skills they need to succeed. They also need good listening and communication skills because they often have to work with people who don’t have the technical skills they do.  


Some certifications for software engineers include the following:

1, Oracle Certified Associate

2, Oracle Certified Professional

3, Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer

4, Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional

If you’re struggling to find a job that requires no experience or qualification and could use some help and guidance, get in touch with us! Our talent advocates will help you find technical and non-technical jobs that meet your needs.