Wearable Technology: The New Skillset Developers Need

With the advent of wearable technology, the expectations of the consumers have taken an innovative turn, and developers must use their creativity to design smart apps that are truly intelligent. According to Meticulous Research®, the wearable tech industry continues to expand exponentially and its revenue is projected to hedge over $62 billion in the next 5 years. Growing at a healthy CAGR of 11.3%, these numbers stack up perfectly with the wearable tech devices’ growing rate of adoption.

Evolution of Wearable Technology

The evolution of wearable technology has been swift and largely unprecedented. The present-day smartphone technology is gradually losing its ground with the advent of hi-tech wearable devices. These innovations have also stirred a change in the realm of app development, forcing developers to practice ingenuity in design. In the past, it was easier to satisfy the growing tech needs of users with mobile application software due to limited expectations.

In the hindsight, wearable technology has broken the restrictive barriers of innovation and today’s users demand high-end intelligence. Hence, software developers need to design apps best suited to the futuristic wearable ecosystem having features beyond imagination. The end users crave for an extra touch of personalization in wearable technology. The times of cool wearable add-ons are slowing fading away and tech enthusiasts desire more integrated and personalized technology. The voices of users demanding higher invisibility in technology are also beginning to echo in the wearable tech ecosystem requiring developers to design innovative sensor-clad smart garments and conductive fabric wearable.

Promoting the Notion of Low-Energy Consumption

The futuristic apps designed for the wearables also need to vividly promote the notion of energy sustainability. The energy consumption of futuristic apps must be relatively lower than the present-day apps and must be designed in accordance with the the energy capabilities of wearable technology. Apps failing to follow these strict guidelines will find it hard to survive in the sustainability-focused world of today and tomorrow.

Adaptability and Next-Gen App Development

Next-gen app development revolves around the concept of adaptability, and developers need to learn this to survive in the realm of wearable technology. It is essential for developers to realize this change in tech trends and design more flexible and compliant apps. Next-Gen app development only requires developers to nurture and polish their existing mobile and software development skills. In terms of wearable technology, compatibility is the leading concern and that’s the reason why developers need to integrate various technologies to achieve the ultimate end goal. In truth, wearable programming comes off as a natural extension for developers having proficient programming skills.